Aerial Photo & Video For The Extraordinary.


We offer a full range or aerial photography & videography. focusing on superior quality, excellent customer service and uncompromising safety standards.

We create high quality stills and video 4K resolution media for clients in every sector: commercial real estate, golf courses, resorts, home real estate, developers, 360 degree, construction progress, contractors, as well as film productions.


 • Serving Athens & Atlanta surrounding areas. •

Drones - Changing the Perspective


Getting great drone photos or video is more than just flying, it has more to do with lighting, shot angle perspective, planning and creativity as well as editing and correctly processing the final digital files.


FAA Certified

FAA Licensed and Insured - All commercial aerial drone operations are compliant with FAA Part 107. We keep up with the latest updates, laws and other considerations. Each flight is planned in detail for safety as well as keeping a detail flight log.


Post Processing & Retouching

Flying & taking a picture or video is only half the job. After a shoot files are imported with backup into our state of the art workstation, retouched, color corrected & enhance before exporting.



We use the latest digital imaging technology to ensure the best possible quality, always shooting in RAW camera format to extract the greatest amount of detail in the highlights and shadows - producing absolutely the best quality of photography and video.

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Working With Clients

We take pride in working with clients to deliver the best possible photography and video assets. I always go above and beyond to deliver what the client needs & embrace a forward thinking approach to all projects.